The 4HumanCare project is rolled as a humanitarian solution to support refugee individuals and families to meet their most basic needs such as Housing, Feeding and access to water, HealthCare etc.

We are the Coordinators and the main Suppliers of the raw material and the ready to use products to offer a turn-key solution to this huge problem.

We undertake the 4HumanCare project for refugees and migrants.


The Project is divided into 2 phases:


Phase 1 Covering the basic refugee/migrant families and/or individuals human needs:- Housing in organized Refugee Shelters, providing for peoples' safety and security - Access to fresh water, proper food, sanitary facilities, electricity, telecommunications.


Phase 2 Support of peoples' Creativity, Socialization, Reintegration in their new home environment and new life for as long as required

We undertake the creation of Shelters according to the standards of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR: The United Nations Refugee Agency).

In collaboration with governmental organizations and/or non-profit organizations (NGOs) we design and supply the raw materials and products as these are needed for the full development and operation of the Shelters structures (turnkey solutions)

We build and organize Shelters

We build the Shelters (Design, supply of raw materials and finished products as required for full development and internal operation of hosting structures in areas available) in order to accommodate refugees and migrants.

- Security Fencing NATO type, along with security monitoring, access control and alarming systems

- ISOBOX Container type Self-contained Refugee Houses (standard 20ft and 40ft) fully autonomously equipped on the basis of the minor social unit (family / 4-5 persons) and larger compartments for individuals (men/women and unattended children)

- Central meals preparation labs, meals distribution centers and restaurants

- Kindergartens - Schools

- First aid / Medic stations

- Prayer Houses according to cultural / religious demands

- Indoor entertainment / social gathering rooms

- Roads network, sewage/drainage infrastructure and plug & play readiness for houses, main facilities electricity / telephony / Internet within the Shelter area

- Playgrounds, parks, sports grounds

- Central warehouses / distribution centers

- Fire fighting stations (prevention and suppression)

- Internal Mini Markets

- Security stations / Administration management facilities... many other facilities according to the needs and Shelters population (case by case)

The shelters we design and build provide the possibility of long term stay and social re-integration of the refugees and the migrants, focusing on issues of self-reliance, through education and employment prospects generation.


We provide all the basic benefits for a well living,

- Quality feeding (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) categorized by Religion, Age and Special Occasions

(e.g. Pregnant Women, Diabetics etc.).

- Adequate logistics support for timely food preparation / distribution / cleanness  and so forth on a 24/7 basis.

- Freshwater, Sewage, Electricity, telecommunications facilities

- Garbage management

- Sanitary facilities

- Medical preventive care, first aid

- Education

- Incoming / outgoing logistics & supply chain control


We provide security and safety

- Identification, command & control areas.

-Security stations for visual and digital input / output control

- High technology security means

- Policing and means of dealing with and combating crime

- Refugee/migrants registration by nationality, age, gender, name, registration date

- Monitoring / Safeguarding of the area

- Access control and immediate intervention systems

We support the UN programs

- Socialization

- Psychological support for the integration into the new lifestyle

- Medical care, treatment

- Employment, Creativity, Work

- Allowances for the elderly, pregnant women and those unable to work

• We treat refugees/migrants fairly and with respect to their human rights

• We help them to live with dignity

• We house them properly

• We feed them well-taking care of the special peoples' needs

• We provide them with adequate first-degree healthcare and first aid support

• We make them feel safe and secure

• We Monitor and Supervise them well

• We teach them to respect native people and the Society of their host Country

• We support local Governments to teach native people and the Society of the host Country about their Human Responsibilities against refugees'/migrants' Human Rights

• We educate them as required

• We enable them and offer them job opportunities

• We support them to be gradually socialized

• We support them in every aspect of their lives and in the long term

The 4HumansCare project is fully supported by private companies and organizations worldwide

It's main scope of interest is the confrontation of the refugees/migrants/homeless problems, especially those of coordinated housing, proper feeding and internal infrastructure/organization.

The 4HumansCare project is focusing in reintegration and socialization of the migrants/refugees within the host Countries where they're seeking to "restart" their lives.

We, as Project Managers and main Suppliers of all the required material/infrastructure, have and provide for the solutions that responsible Authorities and NGOs are looking for the refugees'/migrants' main problems within their Country respectively.
4HumansCare project

Refugees and migrants will never leave EUROPE! (A highly anticipated prospect)

This is the decision of politicians worldwide... This is a FACT!

The only way each Country to handle their refugees / migrants and asylum seeker  is to socialize them and to learn them how to live with respect to the European and their host Country culture, to transform them into useful entities for their host Country and the European community

Leaving refugees/migrants helpless and uncontrolled it can only result into CHAOS!

The Solution is ...
To whom it is intended..
It's not what we do,
It's how we do it!
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The main problems of a refugee/migrant, upon his/her arrival at a foreign Country, is his/her housing, feeding, access to fresh water, adequate healthcare and the protection of his/her humans rights!

The 4HumanCare project allows them to meet their household’s basic needs and support their new local community. The project final aim is to promote  self-reliance and self-confidence, to re-establish their dignity as equal human beings and social entities by inducing a new urban model for them in their new host Country.

The project provides refugees/migrants with choices and chances for improvement through services of descent healthcare, education, employment prospects as equal human beings and social entities.

The project also focuses on the dilemmas and common problems that the refugee camps (shelters) face today worldwide, namely those of temporary status, communities segregation/isolation, population monitoring, prolongment of situation, self-management and self-sufficiency.
Dealing with these issues and based on  current experience of similar situations, we also focus in building-up new urban models for refugees and migrants that will provide for facilities humanitarian oriented.

We provide turn-key solutions…

We undertake the creation of Shelters according to the standards of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR: The United Nations Refugee Agency).

In collaboration with humanitarian, governmental organizations and/or non-profit organizations (NGOs) we design and supply the raw materials and final products as these are needed for the complete development and internal operation of the Refugees Shelters infrastructures.

The Shelters we design and build offer the capability of long term stay and integration of the refugees and the migrants, focusing on issues of self-reliance,

through  education and employment prospects.


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